Taiwanese Super Mario Bros. Super Show VHS Cover

tl;dr A scan of the Taiwanese VHS cover for The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. This is a Taiwan-dub (in Mandarin Chinese) that I've not been able to find anywhere else

Not all video makes it from old formats onto newer ones such as DVD, Blu-ray, or even the internet. Which is what seems to have happened to the Taiwanese (Mandarin Chinese) dubs of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show.

I found this VHS tape at a recycle center a couple of years ago. Usually I wouldn’t be so bothered about a VHS tape, but this being an officially released version with Taiwanese dubbed soundtrack makes it quite rare. I’ve not been able to find any info whatsoever about the show in Taiwan, and there doesn’t appear to have been a DVD or any other release of this show.

I like Taiwan dubs because they’re usually really high quality – A lot better than the Chinese dubs from China. The Taiwan dubs of the Studio Ghibli animations are excellent. Taiwan dubs are also sometimes done by a broadcaster who will make the dub themselves, broadcast the show, and then it’ll disappear – never seeing a physical or online release. This is what happened to the original dub of The Simpsons in Taiwan – not the Fox dub that has been broadcast for the last few years – but different dubs done by Much TV and EBC (東森). I prefer these dubs to the current version, but they’re not available anymore, and due to licensing probably never will be.

Anyway, here’s a high quality scan of the VHS cover:

Super Mario Bros Super Show Taiwanese VHS cover
Super Mario Bros Super Show Taiwanese VHS cover

The cassette tape:

Super Mario Bros Super Show Taiwanese VHS cassette
Super Mario Bros Super Show Taiwanese VHS cassette

Super Mario Bros Super Show Taiwanese VHS cassette

The VHS cover refers to Mario as 瑪琍 and not 瑪利 as he is known in the more recent Super Mario Odyssey (the Chinese character is different but pronunciation the same). Also, the first episode synopsis on the back refers to 烏龜王國 “Tortoise Kingdom”. This must be in reference to the Koopa Kingdom, now known as 庫巴王國.

I can’t find an equivalent Western release that matches this cover. The episode collections on each video are probably different in every region anyway. From what I can tell the episodes on this VHS are:

吸血伯爵:Count Koopula
叢林巫醫:Jungle Fever
深海爭霸戰:Mario of the Deep

These episodes are my best guesses comparing the Taiwanese name/synopsis and the episode list.

I’ve not had a chance to watch all of the tape yet. The video player I had wasn’t in the best shape and I didn’t want to damage the tape.

I did manage to get a capture of the Zelda promo half way through. This has also been dubbed, which makes me think that somewhere out there is a Taiwanese dub of the Legend of Zelda cartoon!