Sega Saturn Infrared Controller HSS-0116

I finally got around to testing out a Sega Saturn HSS-0116 infrared controller that I got a the flea market a few years (yes, years) ago. I’ve not been in a rush to test it because infrared controllers are notoriously bad, but I’m downsizing my collection and wanted to see if it was saleable.

Sega Saturn HSS-0116 box

The included controller did not have the Sega logo printed on it, which I thought was strange especially given everything else is exactly as it should be. The box and receiver look legitimate and even the old crusty instructions are included.

Sega Saturn HSS-0116 controller

Sega Saturn HSS-0116 controller back

Opening the controller, the board was also lacking any Sega branding. It must be a third-party controller that’s been put with this set. It seems so random that this would be the case but I have no other explanation.

Sega Saturn HSS-0116 controller inside

Sega Saturn HSS-0116 controller board close-up

At first I thought the controller was broken as it didn’t work connected to my Saturn. But after some continued testing I found that I had to sit within 1 foot from the console for it to work. It was exactly the same with many types of brand new battery. There is a capacitor on the back of the board (that I didn’t photograph), maybe that has failed.

The controller feels quite nice, even if it is a third-party controller, so it’s a shame it didn’t work. Rather than sell it cheap for spares I think I’ll keep it around and try to fix it at some point int he future.

Sega Saturn HSS-0116 instructions