Retro Freak Promo Scans

tl;dr I've been itching to get a Retro Freak for a while now. It's an emulation system which is a put off, but being able to play with original controllers and save all that space next to the TV might make up for it.

These are some promo leaflets for the Retro Freak console that I got from a the Akihabara Book Off store on a recent trip to Japan. They had a demo console on show and I really wish I would have bought one. They are available in Taiwan on import, though, so no doubt I’ll get one soon.

I love playing games on the original hardware and even though the Retro Freak is basically an emulation system, you can still use original controllers for all the systems it supports.

The first scan is a comic that explains what the system is:

retro-freak-comic-01 retro-freak-comic-02 retro-freak-comic-03 retro-freak-comic-04


The second scan shows the hardware and details the technical specs. So you can see how super-awesome it is and why you should open your wallet right now:

Retro-Freak-Brochure-01 Retro-Freak-Brochure-02 Retro-Freak-Brochure-03 Retro-Freak-Brochure-04 Retro-Freak-Brochure-05 Retro-Freak-Brochure-06 Retro-Freak-Brochure-07 Retro-Freak-Brochure-08