Official Sega Taiwanese Import Warranty Certificate

Video games and consoles sold in Taiwan during the 80s and 90s were often just imported Japanese versions, sometimes with the addition of an instruction sheet in Traditional Chinese.

For officially imported video games, the importer would also usually add a sticker and include a warranty certificate to show that the item was official, and not a gray import. Such as the one shown below that was given with a Sega Mega Drive.

Taiwanese Sega Warranty Card

Here’s some text from the warranty:

Warranty Certificate

Genuine Imported Video Game Consoles

The space for the customers details has been left blank, and the certificate has been stamped by the shop where it was sold –

Super Man Video Game Console Specialist

They had two shops, both in Taipei. One on Bade Road, inside the Guanghua Digital Plaza (which seems to still exist), and another on Zhongyuan Street that has closed down.

The certificate is dated (Mingguo) 79, which is 1990. There’s a video on Youtube of the Guanghua Digital Plaza filmed in 1995, so you can get an idea what it might have been like at the time:

Points 1~5 on the certificate detail the circumstances that the customer is entitled to service: Free repairs within 6 months of purchase, the hardware that is covered for repair, repairs by unauthorised people not covered etc. The usual stuff.

Lastly, it states that if the sticker on the console (covering one of the screw holes) is removed or damaged, then the warranty is voided.

The official imported was 文貿有限公司 Wenmao Limited. Who ceased trading in 1995, probably after the failure of the Saturn.