Mario and Peach Unlicensed Taiwanese Paper Dolls

There’s so much awesomeness on this card I don’t know where to begin.

You get both Mario and Peach paper dolls (known as 紙娃娃 in Taiwan) to dress up with in different outfits. Mario has his standard outfit, but the colors are reversed. He also has a prince and clown outfit. Princess Peach has three different dresses to choose from.

In addition to the main characters there’s also Toad, a koopa troopa, and Bowser, who looks like he’s in the middle of a dance.

The title of the card is 瑪莉兄弟 which is just ‘Mario Bros’. It says 最新 ‘Brand New’ at the top, and also 立體站立 “3D Stands”. Mario is named 金牌瑪莉 ‘Gold Medal Mario’, which is his name on some bootleg Famicom carts that were popular in Taiwan at the time. Also, instead of Peach, the princess is called 瑪莉公主 ‘Princess Mario’.

At the bottom there’s a tip for infinite lives in the game, but it’s not the turtle tipping staircase. I’ve not seen this trick before. It involves sliding under the row of blocks at the bottom and breaking the third block.

Bottom left of the card says 二打入每張一元 “Two dozen in a pack, each card $1”, which considerably less than I paid for it. These were probably sold at Taiwanese convenience shops next to the candy, or given away as prizes in night markets.

The company who made it is called 明達 Ming Da, and the 04 area code would be the Taiwanese city of Taichung. After some searching for other Taiwanese paper dolls there seemed to have been lots of companies producing similarly styled cards, all with 04 area codes. It was probably the same people switching company names.

It’s a great piece of Taiwanese unlicensed Nintendo history, so I’m glad I bought it. It’ll look great framed!

Here’s a picture of it next to a bootleg Famicom cart for size reference.

Mario Paper Doll and Famicom Cart
Mario Paper Doll card next to a Famicom Cart for size reference

Click the image below for a large version. Maybe you can print it out and make your own.

Mario Paper Doll