Sega Saturn Infrared Controller HSS-0116

I finally got around to testing out a Sega Saturn HSS-0116 infrared controller that I got a the flea market a few years (yes, years) ago. I’ve not been in a rush to test it because infrared controllers are notoriously bad, but I’m downsizing my collection and wanted to see if it was saleable. The … Continued

Honest XE-7 Joystick for SFC and MD

The XE-7 SFC.MD is a joystick manufactured by Honest, a Taiwanese company known for their various gaming accessories. The joystick if for use with both the Super Famicom (SFC/SNES) and the Mega Drive (MD/Genesis), and the color scheme follows closely with the Super Famicom colors. The joystick is seemingly modeled after Dempa’s XE-1 ST joystick. … Continued

Taiwan Region Nintendo 64 Controller (Yellow)

The Taiwanese N64 controller is identical to the Japanese controller. However, the box was localized for the Taiwanese region and features Traditional Chinese translations of all text. The term 操作器 was used for ‘controller’ which translates as ‘operating/manipulating device’. Nowadays 搖桿 ‘joystick’ is more common, or 手把 which actually means ‘handle’ but has come to … Continued

Restoring a PC Engine Twin Commander Controller

I restored this PC Engine Twin Commander controller so I could play PC Engine with a controller that resembled more the official controller. The Twin Commander was released in 1988 and includes a box with a second controller port allowing two players to use the same cable. A useful feature since the PC Engine only has one controller port.