Asia Region Sony Playstation SCPH-5503

I love finding unique Taiwanese consoles and that’s exactly what I got with this Sony Playstation. Originally I thought it was a regular Japanese version (the front of the box clearly shows NTSC-J), but after checking the back I saw the Traditional Chinese text and did a bit of research on the model number – … Continued

Notes on the Taiwanese Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has been officially released in Taiwan. Games have been localized into Traditional Chinese but the console interface is still in English. An eShop for the Taiwanese market is also notably missing. It’s a good start, but there’s some way to go.

How Nintendo Failed Taiwan with the 3DS

Nintendo made a mess of the 3DS market in Taiwan with two different regional versions on sale at the same time and a limited number of localized games. Luckily it seems like they learned from their mistakes and have made the new Switch console region free

Pokemon Pikachu Nintendo 64

Released towards the end of the N64’s life, and while Pokemon was at the height of its popularity, the Pikachu N64 looks great. Learn about the release of this unique console and see my flea-market-find cleaned and tested it in this post.